Tango Record Production

"Airoso" Abaddon (NYC - 2016)
(Editing, Mixing, Mastering and piano performing)

"Viveza Criolla" Tanghetto. From the álbum HYBRID TANGO II, nominated for Latin Grammy Awards as BEST TANGO ALBUM (BA - 2014).
(Piano, keyboards & virtual instruments performing. Co-arrangement & co-production)

Original Soundtracks & Sound Design

"Pulsar" Las Aspas del Molino  - Original Soundtrack (BA - 2013)

"Las Aspas del Molino, Leitmotiv" Las Aspas del Molino  - Original Soundtrack (BA - 2013)

"Las Aspas del Molino"  (Full Movie) - Original Soundtrack (BA - 2013)
(Composition, Recording, Mixing and Mastering)

TV Advertising

TV Spot "Futurock" Fest -  For FM 93.7  "Nacional Rock" Radio Station and Ministry of Culture of the Nation Argentina (BA - 2014).
(Composition, Recording, Mixing and Mastering)


"Groovie" Part of the Original Soundtrack of "Cortes", a Theater Play (BA - 2011)
(Composition, Recording, Mixing and Mastering)

Sound Design & Original Music for Radio

Radio Sweepers and Liners

Radio Sweeper, Liners, IDs & Promos Samples (BA - 2014)

Radio Sweeper with the participation of famous guest musicians (BA - 2014)

Radio Sweepers Sketches samples (BA - 2014)

Original Opening Music for Radio Shows

 "Polifonía Nocturna" Original music to opening radio show (BA - 2013)

"Sucio Pop" Original music to opening radio show (BA - 2013) 

 "Nunca lo Sabrán" Original music to opening radio show (BA - 2013)

Openinng mock music for a mock news radio show  (BA - 2013)

Part of the soundtrack for "FM93.7  Nacional Rock" Radio Station.
(Composition, Recording, Mixing and Mastering)


Part of the Mashup Series for "FM93.7 Nacional Rock" Radio Station - (BA 2013-2016)

Mix of two or more rock music tracks at the same time. click here for some more!
(Editing, Mixing and Mastering)

Electronic Music Production

Psytrance Mashup Set (BA -2013)
Psychedelic Trance DJ Set mixed in 2015 for the radio show "Argentina Electrónica".

"Beat it" (Michael Jackson cover) Blumen (BA - 2011)
Electro cover vertion in a Psychedelic Trance mood Produced for Blumen Project.

Trópico de Capricornio" Blumen (BA - 2009)
Original Track Composed and Produced for Blumen Project.

"Tronador" Blumen (BA - 2010)
Original Track Composed and Produced for Blumen Project.